Planning for the Future

Mission & vision focusing

Keith has been involved in this process in many congregations throughout ministry. Clarified aims and objectives help turn hazy unrealistic dreams into concrete plans of omega replica action. Old men dream dreams and young men see visions. We can help congregations turn the dreams and the visions into the practical list of what God wants done.

Decision facilitation

Emotions as well as financial resources are often invested in different options and entrenched positions are liable to emerge. It is useful to engage an independent facilitator in the decision making process. We can be that facilitator thus enabling independent thought and clarity of mind for participants. Decisions facilitated in rolex replica this way can often command much wider support.

Change management

Many congregations and leaders suffer hurt and anxiety because they lack a good understanding of the change process that is, not the actual change being made but the process involved with all and any change. With nearly 20 years experience of that process and its impact on those experiencing it we offer training to rolex replica watches promote understanding of and give guidance through the process. Good understanding of this area can radically reduce the pain of change and can increase its speed.

Dealing with the Present

Stress measurement and management for the congregation

Too much stress simply wears out the replica breitling congregation and the leadership. It can even cause selective deafness to the voice of God. Keith has recently undertaken pioneering research in group stress assessment within congregational settings that gives insight into this whole problem. We are confident that this approach can help suggest ways of managing stress appropriate to each unique and individual congregation. An advantage of this approach is that it can be applied equally well in situations of unity or conflict and can assist the process of change and the management of that process.

Fellowship structure & operation – how it works

Most congregations have no model that can satisfactorily be used to understand how relationships are formed and destroyed and undertakings made and given up. With such a model it is possible to view commitment in a realistic and practical way. We can assist in designing such a model to achieve stability, minimise energy wasted on misunderstandings and deliver raised morale.

Conflict resolution

Often congregations fail to function because of arguments and even long term feuds. We offer the opportunity to resolve even hidden conflict and build a new consensus within a congregation.

Complementing and  Supplementing the gift mix

Listening skills

Research has indicated that many churches have very wide open back doors through which the congregation leaks away while leadership fails to notice. For congregations who have recognised or want to explore the need for good pastoral care of everyone within their number we are accredited by Leaduk ( to train advanced listening skills in a way that particularly aims to reduce congregational drop out rates and hone pastoral skills.

Theological & practical reflection training

Many churches are reaching out to ask what relevance faith has in today’s world. How does real life inform Christian belief and how should those beliefs engage with the world? We can assist a congregation to think through the practical and theological aspects of life in and out of their church today.

Marriage & family life seminars

Keith & Maxine have 20 years of experience in leading discussions, seminars and training in this area as well as drawing on their own 25 year marriage and experience with 2 grown daughters. We can lead fun and engaging short seminars or whole weekends for your congregation that aim to be informative and encouraging.

Evangelism & personal contact training

We offer training in this area which perhaps most often frightens Christians.