Planning for the Future

Enhancing and accelerating thinking processes

We are accredited by the Holst Group ( to deliver locally based training and support in Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. This is a system that radically enhances the way individuals and teams think and process information. With this training and support business decision makers can save precious time and money.

Decision facilitation

When emotions as well as financial resources are invested in different options it is useful to engage an independent facilitator in the decision making process. We can be rolex replica that facilitator thus enabling independent thought and clarity of mind for participants. Decisions facilitated in this way can often command much wider support.

Mission & vision building

With many years of experience in this process we can assist businesses to clarify aims and objectives and turn hazy unrealistic dreams into concrete plans of action.

Strategic thinking

Businesses with clear direction and time framed goals are easier to manage and generally more successful than those who don’t plan their own future. We can assist management to omega replica ask the right questions to build a working strategy.

Dealing with the Present

Stress management

Too much stress diverts energy from the productive process. Keith Morley has recently undertaken pioneering research in group stress assessment giving insight into the rolex replica change process and suggesting ways of managing stress to optimum levels with the possible benefits of reduced staff absenteeism and turn over.

Conflict resolution

Often teams fail to function at optimum performance without management being able to pinpoint areas of rolex replica watches difficulty. We offer the opportunity to resolve hidden conflict and build team focus.

Feedback system design

Many businesses fail to build a model of staff turnover that can satisfactorily be used to understand and reduce turnover and report morale. We can assist in designed a feedback model to achieve stability and deliver raised morale.

Change management

With nearly 20 years experience of the change process and its impact on those experiencing it we offer training to promote understanding of and give guidance through the process.

Complementing Human Resource based skills

Executive mentoring & coaching

To achieve optimum performance an individual approach to training and implementation of learning outcomes is the most effective and efficient. With nearly 20 years experience of one to one working we can coach individuals through difficulties and change.

Executive public presentation skills

It is often assumed that executives will naturally possess public presentational skills. You know that’s not true but we think everyone can be trained to be better, some can even be superb. We can certainly help executives banish fear from performance and add professional polish.

One to one rapport building

Increased rapport ensures better communication and understanding and is particularly useful for interview and other one to one situations. It may even make the difference between making a sale or not, or hiring the right candidate or not. We can teach simple techniques to achieve better rapport.

Listening skills

Perhaps particularly important in organisations that pride themselves or have recognised the need for good pastoral care of employees. We are accredited by Leaduk ( to train advanced listening skills in a way that particularly aims to reduce staff turnover and maintain morale.

Supplementing Human Resource based skills

Training needs analysis
Job description writing

Where the HR function is limited we can assist with these technical tasks that make the difference between hiring correctly and disastrously.